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Hello my name is Mary, I have been dealing with a horrible panic disorder for many many years now. Today, I have decided to talk about my illness to give you…
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tips for panic attacks - experiencing anxiety - thing that help me

I just share a few tips and tricks that helped me when dealing with panic attacks and panic disorder and that may help you with aspects of your anxiety.
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The number of people who suffers from panic attacks is rising.  More often than not certain events in your life plays a good role on why you suffer a panic attack.  It may be somebody dear to you who passed away, or some past event leaving an indelible mark in your memory. The mind is a very powerful part the body.  Without good control of the mind, environmental factors will take over in your decisions and the way you handle your life.  It is high time that you get into the cockpit.  Life must be enjoyed at its fullest at whatever age one might be. The battle against panic attacks begins now.  Help with panic attacks is at hand.

Learn to reduce the level of stress in your body –  There may be deadlines that you have and people who rely on your unwavering performance at work, but you still have to master the art of relaxation. Through the years, you unlearned certain things but in retrospect, should not have been the case. A hobby which catches your interest will bring back some of these unlearned traits.  Stick to that hobby long enough and develop that competitive edge. However, be cautious that you stay within the limits of your health. Fear is real but it does not have to be the vise grip in your life. Learn to accept that certain things are not within your control. On the flip side of things, it adds flavor and suspense.  You will realize that at the end of the day all that is required of you is to perform your best and not do the impossible.

When somebody is having a panic attack, the sudden surge of adrenaline mimics the situation during a heart attack.  Hence, many mistake and interchange the two.  After  this sudden surge comes adrenal fatigue which can cause hypoglycemia, a condition of having low blood sugar.  Do not be a victim of this and abstain from sugar-rich food for the meantime. Help with panic attacks is available for you anytime but you must be ready to commit your time and effort to start living a good and healthy life.  Start having a good protein diet consisting of lean meat and poultry.  Get a healthy supply of saturated fats from butter, olive oil and even coconut oil. As for coffee, you are better off of it. Coffee is a stimulant of the adrenal glands and can only exacerbate stress.  Even chocolate is in the same pack so go easy on it.  Practice breathing exercises by taking deep breaths.  Train your mind to think that in everything, there is a reasonable conclusion.  Stop worrying about anything.

Dictate how your diet will be.  If you are used to eating three  (3) large meals in a day, then it is time to adapt a six (6) square meal diet. Eating six times a day means that there is only a short space of time between meals. The good thing about this diet is you do not starve yourself in the middle of the day and snack too often or worse, pig out on the next big meal.  Help is within reach and believe you can achieve the results you want.

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