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Panic attack symptoms that lasts for a while is one of the most distressing conditions a person can experience, panic attack symptoms can closely mimic those of a heart attack. Usually , most people who have one attack will have others, and when somebody has repeated attacks with no other apparent physical or emotional cause, or feels severe stress about having another attack, he is claimed to have panic disorder.

While many people suffer from panic and anxiety attacks, they frequently do not understand what is actually happening to them due to a misunderstanding of panic attack symptoms. Far too frequently, many people mistake the symptoms of panic attacks for other medical illnesses. One of the most frequent problems occurs when individuals who experience panic attacks mistake the symptoms for heart related conditions, including heart attacks.

The most common symptom is a rapid heartbeat, followed closely by shortness of breath; many people who experience panic attacks suffer from both symptoms. These symptoms combine to make many sufferers feel as if they’re having a heart attack, especially when they are accompanied by chest pains, which are another symptom which many people go through during an attack.

Facing directly the fears is probably the best approach. You can eradicate gradually the situations that cause panic by gradually confronting them. To do this the safe you, is necessary to resort to a professional therapist, as doing it the wrong way will expose you to the uncomfortable situation that could trigger the panic attack.

This type of chronic anxiety disease symptoms are very similar to a heart attack disease, and a sensation that you have lost touch with reality and an impending dread often accompanies the physical symptoms.

An anxiety attack usually starts with unusual sensations throughout the body. As a result of these strange sensations the sufferer will usually make things worse by reacting with fear and more anxiety and stress. This reaction then intensifies the anxiety attack disorder.

Medications cause a false sense of hope. By reducing the frequency of attacks, sufferers are often taken by surprise when the next panic attack comes on. Hope and prayer take over when a medicated person is overcome by anxiety panic attack symptoms. The natural method for coping is much more effective long term. Think about it. What happens when another attack comes on? Do you freeze or spasm and drop to your knees hoping that you’ll live through it?

Our unwarranted fear and panic stems from a lack of understanding what it is that we’re supposed to be afraid of, and more importantly, how we’re supposed to react to it. Because we don’t know whether to flee or stand and fight, we feel vulnerable to and confused by our fear, completely oblivious to the reality that there is actually no true threat.

Victims can become highly dependent on prescription medications to help them manage their anxiety and panic attacks. This dependence robs them of the ability to deal with the problem on their own. The more medication they take, the more reliant they become on it. It’s a vicious circle.

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Do you suffer from frequent panic attacks? These problems are becoming a part and parcel of everybodys life. People usually suffer from this kind of problem due to more than one reason. Stress, depression, tension and fear are some of the reasons.

These are usually caused by a bad lifestyle, busy work schedules, lack of sound sleep and many other issues. If you to treat panic attack then first of all you need to take away the reasons due to which you get stressed or tensed, from your life.

The percentage of people suffering from these attacks is increasing day by day. It is high time we all need to be careful about this otherwise it can ruin our lives. Lots of people do not even understand that they are having panic attacks.

There are certain panic attack symptoms which might help you understand that you are having the attack. Some of the symptoms might be similar to other problems but if you experience 3 to 4 of these symptoms then you must understand that these are the symptoms of panic attack.

If you cannot recognize the symptoms then controlling panic attacks can become very difficult. Some of the common symptoms are dry mouth, sweaty hands, tension on the neck muscle, twitching on the body, stomach bloating and so on. These kind of panic attacks symptoms are experienced just before the attack begins.

You will be surprised to know that some of the attacks might even last for 8 hours, the first few hours being severe. Some of the symptoms of panic attacks might seem to be like heart attack.

It is very important to understand what kind of attack it actually is. In case of panic attacks you will also feel nauseous and will even have problems in sleeping. After the symptoms pass you might feel tired as well as frustrated. To get rid of all these panic attack symptoms you need to consult a good physician.

The physician will be able to suggest the best panic attack cure. If you are unable to understand the symptoms then you can also visit the physician. He will help you find out whether they are symptoms of panic attack or not.

He will diagnose the problem and will also suggest the remedy. You need to understand that these attacks are not any kind of mental or physical illness and it can be treated. But you need to give sometime for the treatment.

In some cases the treatment might take a longer period of time to show results. You must not lose hope and carry on with the treatment. Natural treatment is usually the best treatment but if you feel its not working then you can also try medicines.

But if you decide to take medications then it is always better to consult your physician. There are certain medicines which might have side effects. Your physician is the best person to understand the kind of medicines that will be helpful for you.

Carley Manhart does internet research on panic attacks and controlling anxiety disorders. To learn more about Carley or what she has found about panic attack symptoms please feel free to visit her at

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