During their lifetime, every human is bound to experience at least a few panic attacks. Having such an attack is a terrible ordeal that can be very frightening and can appear life threatening. Many people, upon first having a panic attack, mistake it for a heart attack or something worse.

Those will full blown panic disorder have multiple panic attacks a week, and since attacks can last more than half an hour, this can be a huge inconvenience as well as a big source of discomfort. Panic disorder often accompanies agoraphobia, or a fear of leaving the house. The disorder can produce agoraphobia because people fear having a panic attack in public, and the best way to avoid the public is to stay inside. This is no way to live your life, and that is why anyone with panic disorder needs to step up and defeat their affliction.

Some people find that understanding what they have makes overcoming it easier. Anxiety attacks can be brought on by subtle triggers that other people do not recognize, and they involve an out-of-context fight or flight response. During a panic attack, the body prepares itself for that famous reaction, even though it is not necessary. Knowing this, some people can mentally defeat panic attacks, although it is not as easy as thinking it away quickly; you have to train continuously to take control of your body, and once you have, panic attacks will be gone for good.

Once a panic attack starts, it is virtually impossible to stop it, which is why when it comes to stopping panic attacks, the name of the game is prevention. The aforementioned method is one option for prevention. For some people, waiting it out works. After staying in the house for a period of time, their agoraphobia goes away, and the attacks with it. However, if that period of time has to be years, then waiting would not be ideal.

The same methods do not work for everybody, and as an individual, it is up to you to find the right ways to overcome this disorder and stop panic attacks.

Panic disorder and anxiety in general are horrible afflictions to any individual. You can learn about how to stop panic attacks by visiting the author’s website at http://stoppanicattacksguide.com.

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