Panic attacks are more than ordinary pain to those that suffer it with anxiety. They can be very hazardous to one’s health, particularly when it comes to the risk of respiration and the effects caused by shortness of breath. Almost half of the people in the world were never taught how to breathe in good order. It might look strange at first to think, what do you mean “I don’t know how to breathe?”, but many people take short breaths and always do it. Having extended, contained, deep breaths will perform miracle for your health and enable you to you feel great. This article was design for you to know how to breathe, especially when you are having panic attack. Learn to beat panic attacks below.

1.  When you experience panic attack, tell someone nearby that you trust. They can help keep you busy by talking to you and keeping you calm. Also, evaluate your breathing to see if it is safe for you to stand and walk. If you feel safe when you are walking, try to take slow, quiet steps while working on your breathing.

2. Keep your eyes open. Keeping your eyes open can help you to focus on your breathing. Take long, slow, deep breaths. Try as much as possible to breathe from your stomach and not from your upper chest.

3. Breathe through the nose. Take several slow and deep breaths through your nose, maintaining it for about three seconds at the end of each inhale and exhale slowly through the mouth.

4. When you feel that you are comfortable, sit down and continue to breathe calmly. Focus your attention on breathing from your stomach, not your chest.

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