Panic attacks are varied and differ from person to person. This is why it is very difficult to find the right solution for a particular sufferer. Each condition is unique to his mental state and need a thorough knowledge of the person before finding how to stop the panic attacks. For a sufferer, mastering how to stop panic attacks is of utmost importance because panic attacks are physically, emotionally and mentally draining. No amount of explanation will be able to do justice to the degree of pain and trauma that a person under panic attack goes through.

If you are somebody who has a family member or friends going through this condition, then it will go a long way in helping them if you learn how to stop panic attacks yourself. Some common symptoms of panic attacks are a racing heart, palpitations, hyperventilation, hot/cold flashes, dizziness and tingling fingers. In certain unfortunate cases a panic attack may last even for a whole day. Even the shortest attack will last for not less than half an hour! Such an attack is very draining to the victim both physically, emotionally and mentally.

Panic attacks are only a condition of the mind so they can be cured. Panic attacks are very limiting to the sufferer because they avoid many things they like to do in order to avoid them. A lot of sufferers are afraid to go out alone because of fear of sudden attacks. It is also said that just the fear of an upcoming panic attack is enough to trigger the attack! For this reason, learning how to stop panic attacks permanently should be the uppermost priority not only for the sufferer but also for his/her family and friends who love them and care about their well-being. People with this condition are in fact usually the ones with a weak emotional state and so they will need all the support they can get.

The most important key to succeeding on how to stop panic attacks is dedication on the part of the sufferer. Even the best treatment will not cure the sufferer unless he helps himself. Studies have proven that around 80 percent of sufferers who lead healthy lives are eventually able to resume their daily lives. Natural treatments take longer time to take effect but they are most reliable. Natural ways are also free of side effects.

Leading a healthy lifestyle will involve maintaining a healthy diet, keep your mental state as positive as possible, avoiding circumstances and elements that will trigger your panic, etc. When your blood sugar level is high, you are easily prone to panic attacks. You can avoid this by giving up junk food and unhealthy drinks. Also keep your mind rested by getting proper sleep and regular exercise like walks in the neighborhood park. To avoid circumstances that will trigger your anxiety, you can avoid stressful situations and do not overwork yourself.

There is no sure cure-all remedy that helps you know how to stop panic attacks. Your task is to be aware of your condition and adjust the treatment according to what works best on you.

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