Everyone gets anxious from time to time. But what about those times when jitteriness explodes into an all-consuming panic attack? Panic can be a severely frightening episode and without treatment, the fear of just having another one can be debilitating. Below are some tips that help treat panic attack.

Discuss with your medical doctor. Have a routine check-up and tell your physician about your symptoms. Once any medical condition is ruled out, the hard work can begin. Unluckily, there is no one “magic bullet” that will make your symptoms disappear. However, combining the following ideas with diligence will help a great deal. Most people might say up front, try going on medicine. That is always an option. Medications normally have side-effects and my purpose here is to try to relieve panic and anxiousness naturally, first.

Try to make panic and anxiousness funny. In our heads, panic commonly takes on an image of doom and somberness, and after having had one, it is reasonable to see why. What if you changed your mental picture? What if a panic attack became in your mind a little troll who smells and trips much? You can envision Mr. Panic as anything you want, the funnier, the better. So when a Panic comes around, you will not take it so seriously. The main goal is to remove the fear from panic because that is what panic thrives on.

Try giving yourself praise. Do this taciturnly in your head, or talk to yourself in the bath room. Be your own best cheerleader. What would you want your best friend say to you to make you feel better? You can say those things to yourself, again and again. You are not expected to do this too many times. Repeat why you are worthy and feels safe.

This may be the hardest step of all, but face your fear. Go into the situation that makes you nervous. If you keep avoiding the situation, the anxiety will never disappear; it will always lay dormant. If you face your fear, you are taking control of yourself. Do it over and over, and no matter if you panic or not, and try to praise yourself and encourage yourself for having done it. And most especially, you will see that, no matter how nervous you felt, you survived. The primary goal is that each time you confront your fear, the situation becomes easier and easier, if only in small increments.

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