Individuals who have panic attacks or even anyone who have an anxiety attack sometime will understand the total exhausted feeling you get from struggling with the attack. This article is directed towards helping to deal with that exhaustion while bringing down the anxiety. Here are some proved steps to aid you stop panic attacks.

The first thing to do is to welcome it. When feelings of anxiousness or panic attack begin to come, do not ignore it. Take notice of it for what it is and welcome it. The truth is that it is a panic disorder and it can never go away by ignoring it. The best way of combating an attack is to acknowledge it. Once you have succeeded clear your mind. Attempt meditating on nothing for a couple of seconds except your most comfortable and favorite place.

When you have thought of your favorite spot and sense that happy feeling from it, try to kick out the distraction to relax yourself and to further calm the rate of your heart and mind from the attack. Personally, I carry around a bag which contains items to help distract me such as my Nintendo game system. Handheld games are an excellent distraction tool.

While you are in a compounded state of anxiousness a good tool to aid calm yourself is your senses. Sound, Sight and especially smell can be exceptional weapons to calmly fight an attack. Keep a small bottle of your favorite scent on you and when you need it, the smell can aid to truly increase your calm. Whenever possible, a friend can often be good in relaxing you. A good and trustworthy friend can understand what you are passing through and will do their best to help distract and calm you down.

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