Do you understand panic attacks and what happen to you? If you’re a regular reader of this blog, I hope that you now understand a little better what is a panic attack, and is reassured by the knowledge that panic attacks are a measure of protection is taking his body, and which are extremely unpleasant, come to no harm.

Knowing this it is a relief, but does not answer the question of why began in the first place. Do you have probably asked yourself ‘ Why me? “at one time or another.”You may have asked her doctor why someone should experience symptoms of panic attack and not another; you may also have received a satisfactory response.

To be fair, the reason is probably because, until now, has not alone to identify the cause why begin panic attacks. However, there is much research suggesting possibilities.

In very general terms, the researchers seem to fall into one of the two campos.Hay who believe that panic attacks begin for psychological reasons, and then there are those who believe that there is a biological cause for his start. Here is a review of the latest discoveries in both fields.


Perhaps the interest in panic attacks from the psychological point of view developed from Freud and the psychoanalyses interest in ‘neurasthenia’. in spite of having a different name, this was probably the same as panic disorder. Today’s researchers continue to investigate the causes and treatments of panic attack from the psychological point of view, and through various therapeutic treatments, have been the results without medication.

Since people have responded to this type of panic attack treatment, psychological factors must have at least some bearings on why attacks begin in the first place.

Here are some of the factors which have been considered.


It is conceivable that there could be a personality ‘type’ panic attack. If there is, could explain why some people have them and other researchers no.Los in Italy studying the anxiety and panic attack type personalities seem to confirm this.Suggest that feelings of anxiety people could lead to the eventual development of panic attacks at some later time.

Others have observed that people already experiencing panic attacks tend to have certain shared characteristics.Be over-critical and disapprove of themselves are common, such as a tendency to have a lot of ‘wants’ and ‘musts’ Yes mismos.Hay too high expectations in his life, urging that they themselves drive on and.

This is due to childhood, when you learned to believe more strict parents that if not all ‘wants them’ and ‘musts’ would have that taken out from TI.Se important love thinking trafficking in terrifying for the children while it is obviously inappropriate to think like an adult lesson probably knew so so well that are now well aware of and effect followed in his life, as continually faces to accommodate and serve the ‘wants’ and ‘musts’ in their lives.

Also allegedly attributed success to others, to emphasize only its own part failures, tends to be a feature of persons suffering from symptoms of panic, attack is blame themselves when things go wrong.

However, although introspective, they will also be too easily immerse themselves in other issues and respond quickly to their needs and deseos.En comparison, it is difficult to express their own necesidades.Tan worried and concerned about the problems of someone and accumulate these concerns of their own that try to ignore or deny.

Think if any of these things are true for usted.Son important factors to take into account, since they are the kind of thing that can generate much stress internal and worry can weaken its ability to deal with other co-day problems and lead to more panic attacks.

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