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Discover How To Control Panic Attacks

People who experience panic attacks report a sudden onset of multiple physical symptoms including:

· Racing Heartbeat

· Dizziness and Light Headedness

· Difficulty Breathing

· Terror and Feeling Paralysed

· Trembling, Shaking and Sweating

· Pins and Needles in Fingers and Toes

Since some of these symptoms are also experienced by people suffering a heart attack, it is a good idea that you seek medical attention the first time these symptoms appear – you might already have done so. If your doctor does not find any evidence of coronary problems, and you experience the symptoms more than very occasionally, you’re probably suffering from a panic disorder. Your GP might offer some helpful advice or prescribe medication but there are better and simpler ways to learn to control panic attacks.

The first rule in overcoming panic attacks is to “relax,” according to according to Alix Needham B.ED Adv Dip E Hyp NLP, who is credited with pioneering the concept of Lifestyle Management over 15 years ago.

“If you feel dizzy, hold on to something to steady yourself, or sit down,” Alix adds. “And then take several slow, deep breaths to increase the flow of oxygen to your blood and heart.”

Many people report that their panic attacks come out of “nowhere.” And although some panic attacks can be related to traumatic life experiences, such as recalling incidents of early child abuse or other emotionally-challenging incidents, many panic attacks occur for no known reason in people whose history is free of traumatic events.

One of the unfortunate side effects of experiencing panic attacks is the feeling that you’re “going crazy.” This erroneous belief stops many people from seeking professional help out of fear that they will be diagnosed with a mental health problem and face the social stigma of admitting that they may have a mental disorder.

All of those feelings are nonsense, according to Needham who sees people who suffer from panic attacks on a regular basis. Panic attacks have nothing to do with mental illness and they are quite commonly experienced by people with a broad range of intelligence.

Like many of the issues people face today, including depression, anxiety and phobias, the key to combating panic attacks is to understand what is causing them and then developing a battle plan. That’s where Alix comes in.

She helps her clients develop a regimen of deep-breathing and other relaxation techniques that not only help quickly terminate a panic attack when it does recur, but helps people to avoid experiencing panic attacks to begin with.

Learning to identify the triggers that cause panic attacks to occur is a big step towards controlling the problem. For some people, even the thought of having a panic attack can cause one to occur.

Left unaddressed, panic disorders can grow into phobias that negatively affect a person’s lifestyle in serious ways. One of the common phobias that people with advanced panic disorders experience is a condition known as agoraphobia. A person suffering from agoraphobia finds it difficult or impossible to leave their home because they are fearful of having a panic attack in a public location.

People suffering from panic disorders also frequently develop anxiety symptoms, increased stress levels and even depression. These conditions, combined with the underlying panic disorder, can affect personal and business relations and cause some people to withdraw fully from society. There is even a chance of suicidal tendencies for some people who are severely affected.

But none of this has to happen to you. If you experience panic attacks, even occasionally, you can deal with it. And it doesn’t require drugs or expensive sessions with psychiatrists. All that is necessary is for you to learn what is causing your panic attacks to occur, and then create a program for treating them.

You can learn more about effectively dealing with panic attacks by reading an article offering panic attacks – tips, treatments and advice on Alix Needham’s web site.

Ayurveda is a well tested and age old alternative therapy for many kinds of diseases including panic attacks treatment. Around 5000 years back in the Himalayas many sages started practicing Ayurveda, which is used even today. You can find plenty of people, who seek treatment for panic attacks with Ayurveda and also succeed in getting cured too.


You can find three types of Ayurvedic panic attacks treatment, which can really help people to get out of this problem. You can completely get rid of your panic attack even if the blood level in your body was in this condition for a very long time.


Indian Ginseng, which is called Ashwagandha has very large amount of anti oxidants like glutathione per oxidase and superoxide dismutase. It can also produce a little amount of tranquilizing effect on the brain and can help anyone to de stress his mind.


Stress is the main reason for panic attack and hence, if you consume this herb regularly, then you can control panic attacks by reducing your stress levels. Ashwagandha can also help in repairing your cerebral area and thus, improves your memory. For any kind of panic attacks Ashwagandha is considered to be the best Ayurvedic treatment.


Another medicine for panic attacks treatment is called Brahmi, which is also called Bacopa monnieri and is used by many to reduce stress. Brahmi can also improve your attention span that can help in improving memory by rejuvenating brain cells. 


Another Ayurvedic preparation called Chawanprash is also considered to be very effective in longer run. This preparation contains different types of herbs like Bilva, Amla, gambhari, Shyonaka, Neelkamal, Badi Elaychi, and ashwagandha.


Chawanprash is considered to be most effective for panic treatments since it contains a mixture of many herbs, which rejuvenates both mind and body and can help in curing many of the diseases. You can buy this herbal mix from any store that sells holistic treatment, as it has one and half years of shelf life.


To control panic attacks Ayurvedic treatment is considered to be much safer and effective if the medicines are taken in proper manner. Most of these herbs are grown at home and sold online.


One thing should be kept in mind that these herbs are effective to control panic attacks, but they take some time to show the results. In order to treat panic attacks herbal treatment is just one part. Meditation and Yoga are also another part of Ayurvedic treatment.


Deep breathing exercise is another type of Ayurvedic treatment for treating panic attacks. With the help of deep breathing technique you can refocus your mind and treat the panic attack.


Your brain will receive correct dose of oxygen if you breathe properly. It can also help in improving your concentration and your thoughts will also get redirected. You can quickly get rid of your panic syndrome through deep breathing exercises.


Ayurveda is considered to be both safe and effective treatment for all these ailments. There are many people in the world practicing this method. You can easily get rid of your panic problem at the preliminary stage before it takes the shape of acute disease.


Roy Chavarcode is a member of Chavarcode Ayurveda family. The Chavarcode family is from India and is highly reputed for their knowledge in the great tradition in Ayurveda, India’s ancient and holistic method of treatment.



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