Like many of the behavioral illnesses there can be many panic attacks causes.  There is definite evidence available that the tendency of getting panic attack may often be inherited. At the same time there are evidences available that it can be a natural response from any normal person under certain set of circumstances. Plenty of research activity is going on in this field. There are many Ayurvedic medicines coming up in order to treat these panic attacks.


Many people can also have other panic disorder problems, which may be another phenomenon. However, treatment is similar to panic attack. In case any patient is experiencing the attacks repeatedly then it is necessary to establish panic attacks causes in order to diagnose this problem. It is assumed that most of the component of panic disorder is inherited, however the panic attacks can be due to many other reasons too.


People can have heart disease or asthma due to excessive usage of certain medicines. For instance, if a person uses steroids too frequently to control his diseases then there is a side effect of anxiety. People who have got the symptom of frequent panic disorder are likely to suffer from heart diseases. Such people must be closely observed by the Ayurvedic practitioners, so that they can prescribe the right medicine for them and it is necessary to diagnose them properly.


Enough research has not yet been conducted to establish whether certain deficiency in diet like magnesium and zinc can be panic attacks causes. These can also be the risk factors.  There is also apprehension that certain food add-ons like aspartame or anything mixed with other food dyes can create the panic problem. More research in this field is going on. Ayurvedic treatments for panic disorder have been quite effective in curing this problem.


Today, we are living in a fast paced world where it is necessary for people to learn to live by coping with anxiety. Frequent traffic jams on the road while driving, Commitments and busy schedules, shortage of money, difficulties in maintaining relationships create lots of stress in the mind of people.


When the person is under the sense of danger due to prolonged coping with anxiety then stress of such kind becomes a great source of problem for him. The body produces many different kinds of helpful hormones while they are fighting with various kinds of stresses in their mind, but excessive production of these hormones can also be destructive to the body.  As an example during stressful condition the hormones like adrenaline can be helpful in producing energy, however if this continues for longer period in the body then it can also weaken your heart.


While people are coping with anxiety, the body releases vasopressin and cortisol, which can also raise your BP and sugar level. Due to increased blood platelets your artery walls may get chocked because the body hardly gets time to replenish automatically if the stress condition continues for longer time. People lose their sleep and the body fatigue increases.


In case you want to get cured from these syndromes you need to consult a good Ayurvedic Doctor.





Roy Chavarcode is a member of Chavarcode Ayurveda family. The Chavarcode family is from India and is highly reputed for their knowledge in the great tradition in Ayurveda, India’s ancient and holistic method of treatment.


From conventional to alternative medicines, it seems like everybody has a remedy that they can offer to the people. However, not all of it is safe for human consumption as some may cause adverse reactions. Below are some of the cures that you can give a try.

•  Cognitive therapy –this is done by therapist or psychologist. It changes the way of how the sufferer thinks. It assists the patient in the identification of the triggers of his attacks. The trigger can be a dreaded thought, a situation he would not want to be in or just a change in heartbeat. The aim of the therapy is to alter the train of thoughts of the patient so that his perceptions on the attacks may be positive. He needs to understand that the attack is not dependent on the trigger. Once, he does, the trigger would lessen its capability to induce an attack.

•  Behavioral therapy –some clinicians have referred to this as interoceptive exposure. It has similarities with systematic desensitization that is being used to cure phobias. The similarities are due to the relation of the nature of the two disorders. The only difference is that it highlights the physical sensations that the patient experiences during a panic attack. Usually, people with panic disorders are less afraid on objects unlike those with have phobias. They are more concerned with the actual attack. The behavioral therapies can cure panic attacks through being in control with the symptoms. It reiterates to the patients that the symptoms do not have to be developed into a full-scale attack so he must attend to it at once.

•  Breathing exercises – this is a way to feel relaxed and it is not very easy to do breathing exercises when you are having a panic attack. But if it is controlled by doing breathing exercises you will not face anymore complications like chest pains. If practiced regularly it will avoid your anxiety which might lead to a panic attack .If visualization does some good and calms you then it is recommended that you visualize something thing or place that brings relaxation.

•  Yoga –yoga is one if the relaxation techniques that can cure panic attacks. It teaches one how to be calm through proper breathing. This can help you pacify your mind and your body by assuaging your nervousness. This technique is not just safe but provides other benefits as well. Aside from it has soothing and calming effect, doing your yoga with other people can help someone with panic disorders to get along with other people. Having a wide support network can help a patient to work on his social life. In addition, yoga will be good for your physical and mental health. It is certainly an effective way to fight stress.

•  Balanced diet –a balanced diet may not cure panic attacks but it can definitely lessen the possibility of having an episode of it. There are foods and beverages that can trigger an attack and if you would avoid it and switch rather to smart food choices, you would do just fine. You must control your intake of coffee, tea, chocolates, energy drinks and alcohol. Combination of such triggers is enough to make your heart beat faster than normal. It is important that you eat a healthy diet.

•  Balance Life – You need to have a balance in your life as well and should never mix up your time allotted for your family, work and for yourself. Manage your time properly will help you to be less anxious and handle the problems easily. Do not work overtime but balance your time for your work and your family and take a break out from the routine to keep you charged.

Taking medicine for you panic attacks is all the time is not all the time necessary  because you can handle panic attacks by the above given methods. These natural ways are equally more effective and you need not bother much about the side effects because there are other enough worries for you to handle and you do not want anything else to add on.


Article by Beth Kaminski who is an expert in anxiety disorder. For more information on anxiety attack, visit her site today.

You might not really know where panic attacks come from, but they may leave you feeling very shaken up. It’s possible to begin to cure panic attacks, though, with the use of some simple strategies and methods. You can cure panic attacks with the help of natural remedies and positive thinking.

Try To Let The Panic Attack Subside

Look to understand just what a panic attack is as it begins. Once you start to feel it, you might begin to lose it and start to lose grasp of yourself. However, you can start to curtail that and control yourself by reassuring yourself that it is merely a panic attack, which will help it subside.

Take Care of The Main Stress For A Lasting Cure

Discovering the reasons why you’re experiencing these attacks is the first step to cure panic attacks. No matter what you think, these attacks are happening as a result of something. There is a switch that sets it off. If you figure out where these triggers originate from and learn how to not get affected by them, you can help yourself.

Stress can be the main cause of these attacks. Financial issues, work and family concerns and other factors and may really affect you and cause you to begin to panic. Negative thinking is a natural offshoot of stress, and panic attacks come when you cannot reign it in. Ignoring the fact that you have stress absolutely does not help. The longer you say you don’t stress, the worse it will get – anxiety attacks can be proof that you have a lot of stress in your life you need to address.

The food you eat can also result in stress. Consider the day’s food intake you have had. Due to our hectic lives and packed schedules, we often don’t realize we are skipping meals and not getting the right amounts of nutrition. Your food provides needed proteins and minerals in order to keep your brain functioning normally, and stress can result from not getting that. Your emotions can be very unstable when you do not get sufficient sleep, and so the smallest problem can set you off.

To begin with, figure out where your stress is coming from. Following that, determine how to address these issues. Get good amounts of exercise and good food, as well as sleep, and cut out booze and coffee.

Get Help From Your Doctor

Your doctor can help you with on-going panic attacks. There are medicines out there that can help, however they will just provide temporary solutions. With the help of your doctor, you can learn adequate stress management and positive thinking, and they can recommend the best methods of exercising as well as eating. Meditation and yoga are fantastic ways of reducing stress and getting the help you need.

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