How Faster EFT changes fear of hights, school relationships, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, fear of lights, spider fear (law of attraction works both ways). Faster Emotional Freedom Technique…

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6 Responses to 42 Shingles, Panic Attacks, School Performance Faster — EFT

  • tim dolan says:


  • Diana Mc Donald says:

    This is a fun one to share it covers such a broad range of healings.
    Awesome! Can’t wait to order my homestudy course. Blessings to you Robert

  • owkun99 says:

    @Mayanofi notice the feeling, imagine a tree dropping on the floor, tap it
    away, imagine living in hawai in a buatiful forest with sunshine and all
    insects flying around. That will make you fearless from insects.

  • menderfire9 says:

    Look at that poor kid, 1:15 to 2:50, looks like he just wants to grab that
    mich out of his mother’s hand and tell his own story. ((Whoops, is that me
    I am talking about or what? )) Oh, well, I still have empathy for the
    voiceless among us in the world.

  • shayla charley says:

    i have the same problem! i used to not mind them, but now oh my gosh if one
    lands on me i cry.. and then have to take a shower to make sure there isnt
    anymore on me ahahhah

  • Joanna Nowik says:

    Ok, I need to comment onthis one. I have a fear of insects, in general.
    First it was spiders, now it’s mainly flying insects, ALL of them. I’m
    scared to death, this time of year we’ve got lots of flying bugs in Italy,
    I don’t go to the balcony anymore, scared to go out for a walk with my
    child, so annoying. Keep on tapping, alone and with your videos, Robert,
    but I still can’t get rid of it. I check every day, as I always have some
    on my balcony…please suggest…anything will do;)


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