What happens when an airline attendant or pilot hysterically insists that the flight is going to crash or that it’s 9…
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7 Responses to Airline Outbursts & Panic Attacks – EXCLUSIVE!

  • RaijinHanshi says:

    Where did this stupid psychologist get her degree from? You can suffer a
    panic attack, and not feel as if you’re going to die and need to be taken
    to the hospital.

  • dopemop S says:

    my left ear enjoyed this… my right ear said fuck you.

  • bryskiboi says:

    cleavage 101

  • toni soprano says:

    What’s the deal with the clinical psychologist showing so much cleavage?

  • RedHat Cat says:

    All the attention goes to the two that had the breakdown. As it should be I
    suppose. But what about all of the passengers? Did their meltdowns cause
    any passengers to freak out?

  • Peep Matts says:

    The picture of Dr. ?? Ha ha is she in her underwear???

  • RedHat Cat says:

    The next video will be of the passengers having meltdowns from PTSD caused
    by the breakdowns of the flight attendant and the pilot PTSD outbursts!


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