Many millions of people suffer from anxiety attacks and I’m one of them. In this video I recount my experiences and offer a few methods to help alleviate them.

Disclaimer: These are some things I did and they may not help everyone. I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. I do not have this anymore! The aim of this video is to help others recover from…

5 Responses to Anxiety and panic attacks – my experiences

  • Shuai Zei says:

    I’ve found that most of my really bad bouts with anxiety come around when i
    feel least engaged with my life. When i’ve gone for weeks and months
    feeling like I’m drifting, just going through the motions and I guess in a
    way isolated, that’s when the attacks are the worst. Does a lack of
    emotional engagement in my own life cause anxiety or does emotional
    engagement just mask anxiety? I don’t know. Maybe it’s both. I do know that
    involving myself in things that i care about seems to help with long term
    management of panic attacks and anxiety. Exercise and a healthy diet also

  • MrYattix says:

    @novarealm Kierkegaard said “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom”. I think
    it’s a very modern disease borne from the fact that we have less “real”
    things to worry about, like finding food, or not dying of the plague. I
    think our fear instincts have to find new things to be triggered by.

  • MrYattix says:

    @amrwg6111 See, I’m the opposite. I’ve got no problem performing in front
    of lots of people, it’s the mundane stuff that seems to trigger mine off,
    eg getting a haircut, opticians appointments etc!

  • Domingo Martial Arts says:

    i seem to only get anxiety attacks whenever i am put on the spot in front
    of a couple of people or hundreds of people. I use to get it really bad
    when i played sports, whenever i went out on the field or was in some sort
    of competition, i absolutely dreaded it. Even though i had a passion for
    the activities i was involved in, i hated doing them while having to do it
    in front of people. I am currently trying to better myself in this area and
    realize that all i need to do is focus on what i love.

  • Kaylee Laura says:

    Hey Sarah! You did a really good job on this video 🙂 you’re so lovely
    too! x
    i can relate to having troubles with going out and exercising. I have to do
    exercise as part of my swallowing therapy to strengthen up other muscles
    too. I haven’t faced that yet but you are right – we need to face our
    I like how you point out to focus on our accomplishments too. Reminds me of
    my blog post today. It’s a good thing to stress to people. 🙂 we need to
    try and focus on the positives too.
    When you mentioned focusing on your hands to be in the present moment, it
    reminded me of what my therapist gets me to do sometimes. It’s the same
    thing, just he gets me to use my feet and he told me the other day, that he
    also does it to refocus.
    Anyway, I can relate to a lot of this as you may know, lol. :-3


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