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  • talas attila says:

    I would like to share my personal method which really CURED my anxiety
    attacks. They never came back in 5 years now. What caused: Tiredness was
    the main cause. My wife gave birth to our second child and our only son, I
    was so happy, I dedicated myself entirely to them and started to forget
    about my needs to rest. I slept only about 3-4 hours per day to make night
    easier for my wife and I was working every day. To counter my fatigue I was
    drinking coffee a lot. I started feeling some pressure in my neck, the
    doctors didn’t find anything. Anyway some time passed, and it started in an
    afternoon, when I was on my way back from work. Simply It felt like I’m
    dying. I could not think straight, my hearth was racing, and I was sure
    that I will die any minute now. Called the ambulance. After some tests they
    were saying that my life is not in peril, and I have a panic attack. I was
    really aggressive, because “I am not a person who is panicking, I’m not
    afraid of anything, but I don’t want to die! Nobody wants to help me!” They
    gave me a pill to cam me down, and I felt that everything suddenly returned
    to normal. I was so ashamed… But the panic attacks came back again and
    again later and I could not sleep or rest. It really was HELL. Nobody can’t
    even imagine what that feels like, if they didn’t experienced it. and my
    attacks were longer then an hour, I was practically screaming for help.
    So I went to a specialist, got my prescription for xanax, and one other
    pill, and I was supposed to keep myself on medication for a month, and go
    back for another prescription after that.
    Now Medication helped really, because I really needed some rest. But I
    stopped taking them after one and a half week, when I realized that I don’t
    want to live my life on pills, I have to get better without them, like I
    was before. Now was my chance since I was a bit rested now. Of course as
    soon as I stopped taking them the attacks came back. So I was keeping a few
    pills for real emergencies, and took some real action to cure myself.
    Now this required some discipline.
    1.Important: I stopped drinking anything that contains coffeine, and
    reduced the sugar (these substances actually turn against you in this
    case). I was drinking coffee without coffeine because it’s important to
    keep habits intact, because this is NOT the time for big changes. Also
    nothing with alcohol. If you are a smoker however, keep smoking, this is
    not the time to stop smoking, you can do that after you dealt permanently
    with anxiety attacks if you want.
    2. I started a journal, where I was writing down everything as soon as I
    started feeling the anxiety. This reduced the effect of the attack greatly
    because I was paying attention to writing, also I did a numeric rating of
    my feelings giving ratings from 1 to 10.
    As days passed I was comparing the ratings to see if there is any change to
    the right direction. (This really helps not only because you have a written
    proof of your progress, but also because it puts you in the position of a
    guy who’s studying this phenomena instead of the position of the victim)
    In total curing myself completely took about 5 months (It’s not easy at all
    but it’s much better then living with it my entire life if I get used to
    medication) With multiple daily attacks in the first few weeks, going to
    maximum 1 per week(sometimes none) in the 4th month, and in the 5th just
    remained the starting fear feeling of a panic attack, but didn’t become a
    real panic attack anymore. After that it simply never came back.
    After a while I resumed my normal life with strong coffee , good beer, and
    fun with friends 😀 Life was beautifull again.
    Now I hope this helps… while my methods were useful, and they do work,
    the most important thing is: Do NOT fear this condition since techincally
    it’s not even a disease rather then a misscalibration of your emotions. And
    do not get addicted to medication, because if you do, it’s much harder,
    since you have to deal with withdrawal symptoms first if you stop which is
    making your way out of this twice as long and hard. Still not impossible.
    Believe that you are the guy who’s getting OUT of this. Because you really
    are, and all this will become another life experience you can talk about in
    the future.

  • secondswell says:

    I dont have small attacks daily like I used to now ill be fine for 2 weeks
    and out of completely nowhere boom severe attack that always seems to last
    for about 3 or 3 1/2 hours. It last longer if it wasnt for xnax and I HATE
    xnax. I live in small town and our doctor is an idiot so I dont know what
    to do id rather die than live like this.

  • lydia burton says:

    I am still trying to figure out what I have.. I thought it was anxiety but
    I still dont know… Whenever I’m in the hallways in school crowded with
    people I start freaking out and trying to go to the walls to get away from
    people and I breathe heavily and I scream when people touch me.. I dont
    know what this is and I was hoping someone could help tell me.. I know its
    the internet but still.. Please help is it anxiety..?

  • Lauren Cornish says:

    Woke up at 4am having an an anxiety attack and came to this video, thank
    you so much

  • Tanya Vlasova says:

    Can these exercises be used for anything? Has anybody had any experience?
    Thank you in advance for sharing your experience.

  • warped831 says:

    Ok am i the only one who will look up things that they are feeling then put
    it in the back of his head and later start getting a panic attack cause i
    swear im having a heart attack, a stroke cause i felt tightness on the top
    of my head, and stuff like that? and is it normal to feel like your body is
    where you stand but your mind makes you feel like your in the twilight zone
    or something? all i know is that having this sucks and people that dont
    deal with anxiety thinking that its easy to control.

  • lianna faber says:

    I have a question I really hope you answer. I know this is axiety even know
    you probly think this is wierd but im a dancer and when I go on stage to
    dance I get so nervous I blank out and forget the choreography and mess up
    the dance. Please help me is there anything I can do I blank out from

  • Olga Yolanda Rojas Torres says:

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  • Edward Lee says:

    really and truly from my heart, i thank you for this video and all of your
    videos. these methods are so effective! 

  • A.R. Vidau says:

    Meditation is very good to put an end to panic and attack, but some people
    are unable to meditate. I’ve known of quite a few people who have gotten
    great results using something call “7 minutes to serenity”. Once you learn
    this tecnique you can get rid of panic and anxiety forever.

  • tyler Adams says:

    smoke weed – snoop dog

  • MindGlimpse says:

    Great video. It’s interesting how this feature of our own biology can make
    even the strongest person fearful under non-threatening situations. I’d
    love to hear your feedback on my video! I edited a 1 minute video that
    summarizes statistics in the US and how anxiety works for us and/or against

  • 21redallday12 says:

    Worked like a charm, 5 years of anxiety attacks for nothing… I am very
    I constantly felt like if i relax something bad would happen, there was a
    constant pain at the top of my head, nose & jaw. When things escalated i
    would thing that i am about to die.
    Today i just let things go, and said to myself, “if i die, i die, i just
    carn’t go on like this”. Tried this technique and relised that i am not
    dying and i am in control.

    Changed my life in a few minutes, thanks.

  • Saira Joshi says:

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  • redmond424 says:

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  • Ujjwal Lamsal says:

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