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36 Responses to Dealing With Psychosis, Panic Attacks & Anxiety

  • BreathingYourLife says:

    I have anxiety and Panic attack since i was 6 (I’m almost 18 now) and
    eventually it got really really worst When i was 15 and i’ve been all these
    years really bad. I can’t even go to school everyday and I’m thinking maybe
    i should start studying at home and lately all ive been thinking is about
    dying cause i dont think i will ever get better and just today was a really
    bad morning and i dont know how this video just appeared from no where and
    somehow i feel a little better right now cause now i understand I’m not the
    only one dealing with that so… Thanks. 

  • Kate Elizabeth says:

    I have anxiety and at the moment I don’t go to school. And I get stomach
    aches and they can be very painful and that’s all because of anxiety. Most
    of the time I don’t even think I’m thinking about school. 

  • helloitsdenisse says:

    I have panic/anxiety attacks when I go to partys or when im on traffic,
    plus I have social anxiety wich sucks 🙁 I hate them both so much and the
    worst thing is that I dont know how to control them 

  • destinyhopefan112 says:

    I can understand a lot you went through. My father has anxiety…in fact
    the whole family on my father’s side. I myself have mild anxiety. I’ve
    suffered from panic attacks when going for health checkups (but I always
    have it too late, like right after I get a vaccine or blood test lol)..and
    it just feels like I’m going to faint because everything in front of me
    goes black and my knees give out. I’ve broken down a lot over school work
    (like, SCREAM crying for hours it’s ridiculous). I’ve also self-harmed.
    Everything I’ve said is a lot milder than your case though. I teared up
    watching this video. I’m just glad that you’re making it through and you
    keep up such a bubbly and funny personality in your videos 🙂 

  • skybee001 says:

    woah Nika that is really intense! you are so brave for going through that…
    and look at you now!! well done, girl. you now have a strength that not
    many others have.

  • LauraLovesBeauty says:

    This is such an inspiring video<3 I love you Nika you're awesome! Will you
    by any chence be having a meet up in Maribor anytime? I sooo wanna meet

  • FreyaGoesAbroad says:

    Thank you for the Video ❤️ you are So pretty and One of my Favorite

  • teresa sofia says:

    I thankfully don’t have none of those problem, but I just wanted to say
    that you are my hero! Love you Nika

  • Lara Zd says:

    I don’t have any of these problems so I am not gonna watch i think if will
    just scare me :/

  • Kate Fisher says:

    It helps to know I’m not alone

  • LandofGlam says:

    You truly are an inspiration Nika! <3

  • Kate Fisher says:


  • Kate Fisher says:

    Thank you. I cried soo hard during this video because I’m going through
    this at this time in my life. I have anxiety, depression and insomnia and
    slit of people seen to think that since it’s not visible it’s not there.
    Thank you for helping teach those who don’t know and help inform them what
    to expect from people with these issues

  • NikasInnerBeauty says:

    I hope this will help you!!

  • Silvia Steffekova says:

    i have panic attacks almost every night 

  • Miriam Paktitis says:

    What was that guy though? I mean was that only you that could see him or

  • philippies says:

    Nika, thank you for posting this. I’ve been struggling with anxiety attacks
    multiple times everyday for months. I feel so frustrated and hopeless and
    its nothing but hard to think positive and understand that my current
    negative thoughts wont help me. Whenever I wake up, it begins cause i sort
    of just think that since ive been having it everyday, what makes today any
    different. I hope you continue to grow stronger and be happy :)

  • Cait Madison says:

    What meds did you take? I take stuff for depression, anixiety, and
    psychosis. I really hate the stuff for depression and anxiety. I want off
    asap. lol. I feel like i don’t have it any more. i really suffered form
    6-10th grade and went to the mental hospital in 9th grade. I was abused as
    a kid. I feel like i have more of PTSD. but with psychosis. i’m 20x better
    than i was 10 months ago.

  • fashionlover179 says:

    I seriously cried through out this video … You are so amazing and real
    and honest and just… Idk … Luvya 

  • M7 says:

    dearest Nika, I’m so proud of you. you have no idea. You being so brave and
    Committed make me even prouder. I’m sure that you will recover completely
    soon. Have a beautiful, brighter awesome thoughts as always. Just know that
    you are a strong beautiful lady and capable of anything. What you are doing
    is keeping everybody happy and motivated. I’m so genuinely happy that I’ve
    recently discovered your awesome channel and can’t wait to watch all of
    your videos. I love you! Be safe!

  • Meredith Miele says:

    i just want to say thank you for making this video! <3

  • Santino Spencer says:

    I had panic attacks when I was high once. Finding out afterwards that no
    one has ever died from smoking weed and my heart is not gonna explode no
    matter how fast it beats helped me not get them again.

    Saying that, I still suffer from paranoia and delusional thoughts when I’m
    high but normally I can fight them off. However, last night I lost it
    completely and fell victim to an onslaught of uncontrollable negative and
    irrational thoughts. It was horrifying and I just couldn’t locate my
    normal, rational self to reassure me. Hence I’m never smoking weed again.

  • Daniel Zandbergen says:

    All of you guys who are suffering from panic attacks; this video shows
    exactly how I got rid of it. My personal breakthrough was, when I started
    to educate myself on the attack. What is factually happening? In reallity;
    nothing. There is nothing to fear. As soon as I had a mental knowledge of
    the responses that my body gave in an attack, it immediately became less.
    After 4 years, when I have an attack now. I almost laugh at it. It wasn’t
    an easy road, you need to experience the attacks in full and say to the
    attack: F&*^ You!
    I did it out loud a couple of times. (not recommended in public places)
    Then the attacks willl become increasingly smaller. But you NEED to fight.
    I wish all of you who are suffering right now. the courage to say ‘NO MORE’
    . God Bless.

  • FaceOfGod2 says:

    Set and setting.

  • Allan V says:

    Me being “agoraphobic” its hard. So these exercises take ALOT of Practice !

  • TheCOTN says:

    I need help guys. I’ve been smoking almost daily since April 2013 with no
    issues other then derealization. Then one time I smoked and had a terrible
    feeling along with paranoia and mild audio hallucinations like people
    walking outside my house. It was over a week ago and I haven’t smoked since
    but I still feel like my senses are heightened… Especially my hearing.

    I have ADHD, Panic Disorder and Depression… I really want to smoke
    occasionally because I loved it, but I don’t want to end up in the
    hospital… What do you guys think?

  • Uniform Health says:

    Try using a progressive increase in isometric contractual output form large
    muscle groups such as the Quadriceps and Gluteus maximus. By doing
    something like a squat or pulling your self down on a seat when talking a
    test you increase the output of the nervous system and allow the Anxiety
    out. Isometric exercise is much exhausting to the nervous system then
    muscle so it this the best for anxiety.

  • alextrose7 says:

    Had my first panic attack after smoking last night and now I feel like I
    have to say goodbye to one of my oldest friends (Mary J) because my heart
    was beating hard enough to move my rib cage. I’m 22 and an athlete and
    there’s no reason I should have sharp chest pains and anxiety about my
    hearts strength. I run every day but this morning I was afraid to because
    my chest hurt upon waking up… Is this anxiety or is something wrong with
    my heart/organs? I know it can’t be the bud cause I never reacted to it
    like that before. 

  • Bluntz2K11 says:

    i love weed its the best drug in the world but sadly i have to quit after 5
    years of everyday smoking because last week i had a panic attack after
    taking a hit… it really was some scary shit, i tought i might of been
    having a heart attack and almost woke my mother up to bring me to the
    hospital.. i havent smoked any weed in eight days and apart from insomnia
    its not that bad but today i started to feel very uncomfortable (anxiety)
    like i had felt the days following the panic attack.. after i get a grip i
    feel very hopeless and unhappy.. i can kick the weed its not as hard giving
    my prediciment im just worried that the strange feeling of anxiety is an
    ongoing thing but it helps to hear im not the only one.. i dont think its
    the drug itself but instead the individual, i think to prevent this feeling
    i need to fix my life in general

  • OG Rocha says:

    It’s awesome seeing these comments and knowing I’m not the only one. Smoke
    low THC and you won’t get anxiety at all……. And make sure it’s indica 

  • leonides quiroga says:

    Holy shit this actually make seance lol

  • Brandon Dailey says:

    embrace the anxiety ok demand more…. now it really starts to mess me up
    BAD.. voice shaky,twitching, paranoid takes over my body. WHAT IS WRONG
    WITH ME. its weed thats it everyones happy, normal …. but me 

  • Jeremy Pesce says:

    When I got my first panic attack it was when I first smoked after taking a
    month long tolerance break. I was in my dorm room alone and convinced
    myself that I was about to die and the words “I AM A PSYCHO” where
    screaming in my head. I thought I was going insane and could see inside my
    mind or some shit. then the next day in class I started thinking about the
    panic attack and it started happening again in an auditorium of 300 people.
    I was so scared and sweating so much.

  • etkevin1 says:

    It’s not the bud it’s you as a person. U can’t have any secrets when ur
    with many jane when your smoking weed it’s shows who you are a lot of times
    most people don’t like who they are but weed help you cuz it’s shows your
    problem then u can fight those problems and make life better trust me that
    use to be me

  • Uniform Health says:

    more* -_-

  • Giovanni Altamirano says:

    Is this only for ppl that have anxiety attacks or to everybody.
    What are you all smoking? Cause I’ve been smoking for 14 years and never
    experienced or heard of anything like that+


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