Deborah (Debbie) Gibson talks about anxiety/panic attacks part 2 of 2

Deborah (Debbie) Gibson talks about anxiety/panic attacks part 2 of 2.

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  • GuysCallMeShawna says:

    It’s the medication and environment that is the problem. Medication is NOT
    the answer…big pharma’s solution. This is sad. I have been a “fan” for 29
    now close to 30 years. Deb just needed to stick to cannabis and love
    herself for the talent and beautiful person she is. Screw the
    industry…they use you, abuse you and then label you as “crazy” if they
    can no longer control you for their agenda. I wish she’d go back to her
    roots and just create her sonic art. She writes the best adult contemporary
    ballads. I would LOVE to see a full album of adult contemporary ballads.
    The B-side of Anything is possible just wasn’t enough. I loved that album’s
    concept though- show off.

  • Daniel Zanier says:

    This woman is very intelligent and determined. This is talent. Young
    singers today don’t possess this kind of knowledge, nor would anyone expect
    them too. It’s one thing to sing the music that’s produced and written for
    you, but to produce and write it yourself and being so confident as to how
    it should sound is something you do not associate with kids aged 15-18.
    She is very well-spoken. I may have snickered a bit at her music back then
    since I’m more a rock guy, but I never found it to be bad, and now, after
    25 or so years, especially when I compare it to to talentless crap like
    Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus, I find the music to have more than a bit of
    artistic value. 

  • dambreaker says:

    I’ve been a fan for SOOOOOOOOOO long in My life of hers, basically from the
    very beginning. And I never knew this about her. I’ve heard other
    issues/problems that she’s gone through, and I’m sitting here….. a grown
    man……. with tears flowing down My face, wanting to get through the
    computer monitor to hug Deborah and hold her tight. Incredible. I love her.
    Always have, always will.

    WE ALL DO. 

  • Jack .Stravinsky says:

    Looks like she finally tested positive for Lyme disease. She has too many
    symptoms to attribute to anxiety alone & she finally knows. Those symptoms
    together are growing symptoms of neurological disease & Lyme disease. Lyme
    is the new AIDS & the numbers have grown bigger than AIDS now. It can also
    be sexually transmitted as well.

  • Helldpdigr says:

    What a woman!!!! Loved her in the 80’s and now she is addressing what needs
    to be taking care of including anxiety and self development.

  • J77147 says:

    @ericsan4344, I toyally agree, Jacinta, xxxx

  • MyEyesOnU says:

    Thanks Deborah for sharing your private struggle with anxiety and
    depression with the public. For many who have shared this struggle, your
    advice and the courage to share is so inspiring and encouraging.

  • Yostiemonster says:

    yeah i used to have panic attacks, finally found out that I had low
    testosterone! I started taking some and they cleared up!

  • Suzy Krcivoj says:


  • dance67678 says:

    A real trooper,Deb.

  • Beautiful sommers says:

    she still look young

  • hedwegg says:

    What’s it all about” “Panic-Fear”, an Adrenaline High. (Continued). What do
    you do? 3. Nutrition (especially Natural Spring water, Poland Springs or
    Zephyr) Note: Tap water is “chemical” sewage recycled. (Photoactive). a.
    Organic Aloe Vera “Gel”. (lily of the Desert only) – very important daily
    Add L-Glutamine & Glycine by NOW (1/4 of a teaspoon only). All the best,

  • hedwegg says:

    Spiritual Note: What’s it all about? So let’s get to the point. 3. The
    Living Word – God – taught me that he would not put me into a situation
    that I could not handle as a true & faithful, spiritual person. a. Enjoy
    the gifts of the Spirit & the Knowledge that comes with understanding
    there’s nothing that you are going to face that you cannot handle. b. All
    for Freedom, love & independence c. Never for rebellion, anarchy & false
    pretense & beliefs (fantasies). Stay Sober, Sane & Alert,

  • Azuresky88 says:

    Deb’s story helped me alot! Thank you! p.s. Hannnah Montana will NEVER be
    Debbie Gibson 😉

  • hedwegg says:

    What’s it all about? I’m Christian. I’ve never suffered depression or panic
    attacks. Why? “Nutrition & the Living Word”. So let’s get to the point. 1.
    I went to the Bible for the answer. 2. The Question: How do you handle
    situations or why am I put into this situation? 3. The Living Word – God –
    taught me that I would not be put into a situation that I could not handle
    as a true & faithful, spiritual person. Once you understand this Spiritual
    gift depression & panic disappear forever.

  • hedwegg says:

    What’s it all about? “Panic-Fear”, an Adrenaline High. 1. The adrenaline
    should convert to the Acetylcholine Pathway proceeding to the Dopamine
    receptors for ease of motion & timing. (Prevents Parkinson & Alzheimers).
    2. Instead “light” produces “Photosensitivity” as the adrenaline is “acted
    on” by the light. 3. Once the adrenaline becomes photosensitive the attack
    occurs. What do you do? 1. Know how to Image the Pathway. 2. Sunglasses if
    only used for a few minutes. 3. Nutrition (water). Cont.


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