It came to my attention that so many people around this world are suffering from Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Disorder GAD. So many people have imprison…

New video for July 2012.. Simple method to stop panic attacks fast without medication. Like it? More at
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  • Corz Illa says:

    I love you mate. kudo’s more peeps need to be like you.

  • James Hopful says:

    Really cool one!

  • rebecca trafford says:


  • JK says:

    Lior I was ok last week for about 10 days. I had appetite first time in two
    months. Everything was ok Then I had some symptoms and got back into the
    same hole. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am functioning and going to
    work, but am afraid all the time, gagging is a symptom, no appetite, feel
    sick all day. This has consumed my life. I am in my mid forties and for the
    last 12- 14 months it has been hell. I got the sage and have been using it
    and I always pray every night. I have Gad 24/7. I have a twin brother that
    went through this when he was younger. I have always been the strong one,
    but now I feel dependent. I tried so many different things and different
    doctors. I never used drugs, always ate healthy, exercised and religious. I
    am on medication, but it does not help. What can I do?

  • erika garcia says:

    Wow super man god blees you……

  • charles h says:

    by the way bro, you’re awesome…you said a lot that i experienced with the
    whole ER, medication and crap with anxiety attacks…post more videos soon

  • awakeningcarlos says:

    Great video in all, I do have a couple things to point out that you
    mentioned. “The reason you have pins and needles because the blood is going
    all over your body trying to look for whats wrong” – it’s actually because
    when you hyperventilate, you lose co2 which leads to constriction of your
    blood vessels and decreased oxygen. Check out Artour Rahkimov’s channel
    where he dispels myths about breathing and oxygen. Also shaking and
    weakness in the legs comes from neurogenic tremors, which are innate to all
    mammals. Check out TRE (trauma / tension releasing exercises) or even look
    up neurogenic tremors on youtube. Cheers, all the best.

  • Jay Mill Mill says:

    you are a true brother

  • El Aamri Morad says:

    I am radwan from belgium and i want to thank you for youre video. One
    question really. The breathing, how Many times a day and how many minutes a
    day? And for how many weeks should i train my breathing.

    Greatings from Belgium

  • The Doma says:

    Thank you for this video

  • Eduardo Romero says:

    Finally I find a real person who knows what I am going through. Thank you
    very much man. God bless you.

  • Joj joX says:

    BTW, I love your cursing, it motivates me :D

  • terri fuller says:

    so….what happend when you have an attack when you’re out and about or
    driving? not everyone has the ability to be sitting at home in a chair when
    these things happen

  • brandon dawson says:

    I love that you incorporate your faith in this. So, How can I get in touch
    with you? In a situation with someone I think you can help with.

  • VEEXTMGRIZZLEY1977 says:

    Thankyou brother GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Paula grant says:

    Employers do NOT have access to a person’s medical records. Therefore, they
    would not know whether or not you are on any medication. Also, demons can
    try to torment you, but they cannot harm you or your place in GOD’s
    kingdom. The righteous meditate on His word and not on the lies of the

  • angie reyes says:

    yes its so true cut caffeine!! thats number one step , hes so right!!
    thats how i got well.. 

  • Antoniaespina11 says:

    Great video! Much appreciated :)

  • Jo Fa says:

    Thanks for this inspirational video. I had my first panic attack in October
    and from then onwards I’m suffering from Anxiety and my main problem is
    that I feel (all the time) that I’m not breathing properly, that I’m
    shallow breathing. I’m a student and I had a hard life so far. I’m going to
    try the technique 🙂 One question : Does exercise help me get out of this
    breathing problem ? Thanks

  • Darren eiffert says:

    Anxiety ducked my life up for over a year, thanks mate your videos really
    have a positive effect

  • nicky p says:

    thank you so much for this video when ever i’m getting anxiety i am going
    to keep watching this video you made me laugh and made some amazing points.
    i have had extreme anxiety for 3 years and i am now going off my meds cause
    it made me gain 15kgs from slowing my metabolism i use to be very under
    weight from spewing from anxiety every day before i went on meds, i would
    rather be able to fight the anxiety without meds i hate what they do to
    your body will be rough at the start but will use your breathing Technics
    and just keep thinking positive and take this challenge on thanks so much

  • petro kotilainen says:

    to people that has the suicidal thoughts in their mind most of the time its
    becouse your so scared of that idea and you thinking why the hell do i
    think that you feel like you want to shut down your mind to stop thinking
    it but its just couse your scare of it witch means you really are not
    suicidal just scare of the idea of suicide so just nowing this can stop it
    🙂 ps i am so sorry fro my bad english and bad writing skills 🙂 have a
    nice day everyone

  • Lior Bar-El says:

    Customize your message

  • TheDemoniusX says:

    When I try greeting the sensation. I sudden feel like cold death is
    approaching. What’s odd about my panic attacks is even when I do deep
    breathing,Listen to calm music or just relax in general during an attack it
    just seems to get worse and the worse it gets the more terrified. I’m not
    afraid of the panic attack itself but the sensations are what throws me
    off. Even though I know why I keep feeling this way doesn’t help calm me
    down. Eventually I will calm down,adrenaline does run dry over time. The
    reason I am on this video is because last night I had 4 of them, yes 4! I
    dried deep breathing through my abdomen,focus on nothing but the symptoms
    is what kept me terrified. I am not scared at anything they just come with
    no cause. Somedays I beg my wife to take me to the E.R. just so that I may
    get some kind of sedation so I can live normally. My wife is afraid that I
    will end up the mental ward again. I don’t care as they will give me benzos
    (don’t care if they are addictive) to keep me from freaking out and losing
    it. After my 4 panic attacks I was drained last night Finally was able to
    sleep ONLY to wake up today and feeling my body wanting to have an attack
    again but won’t,strange I know. So that’s my story,don’t know why it’s
    happening and these feelings are making me physically sick. There are times
    everyday when I feel some form of anxiety. 

  • Jorginho Loukili says:

    how to cure panic attacks

  • Abdul Azim says:

    I am suffering from anxiety/panic attack for almost 2 years now,at times I
    feel so down,panicked and hopeless, it does get better later on but never
    goes away (SAD) When I get panic attack first thing I do is listen to this
    video and close my eyes while i’m laying in my bed,believe me it helps me a
    lot,it makes me feel calm and relaxed, Thanks for the video and don’t
    listen to anyone about any bad comment they makes, I think my anxiety/panic
    attack is the worse than anyone else’s and if it helps me than i’m sure it
    will help anyone. I remember the day when my first panic attack has
    started,never thought I’d be here after/almost 2 yrs later and listening to
    this video or watch it again.

  • themusclemaximizerr says:

    Panic Attacks? Get Help!

  • monkey meredith says:

    thank you very much for uploading

  • Rebecca S. says:

    I’ve been suffering from this for 7 years now 🙁 even though I am feeling
    better than I used to feel before, that sh*t still makes me feel bad
    specially when I’m at malls and huge places, sometimes even in my own room
    T_T honestly, this is really hard to face… nobody deserves to experience
    a panic attack… but. Keep fighting, eh? Let’s stay positive

  • Online Therapist via Skype says:

    It is through embracing your emotions with mindfulness and compassion that
    they heal; never through avoidance or aversion, which is our habit and
    which inhibits healing and transformation.

  • xoxol0l says:

    thank you so much, you helped me so much. this totally worked for me. as
    soon as I accepted the palpitations they immediately went away. thank you
    so much. i used this about a month ago too and i gained more confidence
    and alot less anxiety and ocd. thank you.

  • Didier Goh says:

    and THANK YOU so much for uploading this!Since I often have panic attacks
    which is a panic disorder,I heard people saying about it and due to my
    curiosity,I began researching it and found that I have it myself and though
    I have not tried this,I am going to try this method right after I have a
    panic attack.I have panic disorder for 9+years,almost 10 years,and only
    after 9 years then I realised I have it which is terrible.The point is
    thanks so much!!I understand how u feel.

  • Selena Klene says:

    >Here’s the only clinically proven drug free holistic system for
    eliminating panic attacks and general anxiety

  • Atheesan Theivendrabalan says:

    I am absolutely fascinated and pleased that the techniques you have kindly
    posed to us have worked AMAZINGLY SUPERB for ME , thanks a ton and I dont
    have any anxiety and panic attacks anymore and YES I AM CURED
    finallllllllyyyyyy MAN THANK A LOT ! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ! PEACE <3 

  • Tatiana Moana says:

    My husband has suffered for 10yrs from panic attacks, that developed into
    anxiety too eventually depression. We’ve searched high and low for
    solutions, counselling, hypnotherapy, medication, you name it! Finally we
    found a completely different but simple approach too dealing with the
    symptoms & effects. Identifying the sensations really helped him realise he
    had no more reason to fear what he was going thru. We’ve heard the same
    solution many times, over and over again. But they way you put it in this
    short video really resonated with him! We still have a long way to go, but
    putting this theory in too practice will hopefully help us ease the
    struggles and teach us how too be more excepting & understanding of what
    his mental illness is all about. No more FEARING! 

  • alfie Mighty says:

    its so odd that you would have to use a disclaimer for doctors !!! WHY


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