My story with anxiety, panic attacks and depression

IF THIS DISTURBS YOU, DON’T WATCH IT. IT MAY BE TRIGGERING. This is me and my story. I really do hope you will understand and listen, I’m trying to help myse…
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19 Responses to My story with anxiety, panic attacks and depression

  • Hailey Melissa says:

    So relatable I’m crying, stay strong. And I really mean it keep your head
    up and your miricale is coming as much as you don’t believe it. Once you
    feel it’s there hold in to it. Love you! I’m here for u!

  • Carly M. Maglione says:

    The easiest way to stop panic attacks is get rid of the fear of fear.

  • mhollene rada says:

    you made me cry … the thing that i always do… sometimes wakin up in the
    middle of the night cryin… too pain.. too much pain in this situation..
    no one even hear you cryin.. the longest battle i ever had.. seems no cure.
    i am always mad at myself.. for being like this.. when will this pain
    ends.. sometimes losin hope.. temptation commitin suicide is always there..
    watchin your video.. i cant help myself.. wish i could be there to hug
    you.. a hug that we need in times of pain.I LOVE YOU too… yeah .. keep
    movin..stay alive..keep breathin… thank you for sharin this video… 

  • Brittany Fahs says:

    Hey Melissa, how are you doing now? I need someone to talk to, I have been
    feeling bad lately.

  • LeeRio Lee says:

    you had a beautiful life Melissa, your family, friends and i’m sure you
    will be better. just open up your eyes to see the beauty in life. we feel
    the same way too and you’re not alone. 🙂 we still know how to smile

  • READY GO says:

    I wanna talk 

  • madison chris says:

    So relatable I’m crying, stay strong. And I really mean it keep your head
    up and your miricale is coming as much as you don’t believe it. Once you
    feel it’s there hold in to it. Love you! I’m here for u!

  • lela khvedelidze says:

    hellow how are you now?? 

  • amber CL says:

    I got teary eyed watching this video. I can so relate to what you are going
    through. I ask myself the same questions all the time. Why me? What did I
    do wrong to cause this? What could I have done to make it so it had never
    happened? All these questions I cannot answer. I struggle every single day
    and sometimes I just want to give up. Its sooo exhausting. But my family
    and most of all my little girl are the reason I am still here. I couldnt
    imagine missing out on any of her days here on this earth. I just keep on
    plugging day after day. I live for her. I am sorry you are going through
    this with no help. I can suggest trying natural remedies, I know they have
    worked for some people, when the medications failed. But I would try
    different doctors, keep trying until you find something that works. There
    has got to be something. If you havent already, get all your blood work
    done to see if you are low in anything that could be causing this. I know
    some people who have major problems that stemmed from deficiencies of some
    vitamins or such. I know its easy to say this but dont give up. Remember
    you are here for a reason, even if it is to be a help to someone else who
    is going through the same thing you are. I wish you peace and happiness. I
    wish I could give you a big hug and let you know that I understand and I am
    so sorry.

  • ifeeldevine says:

    Its not who you are. Its just where you are right now. I just started
    having panic attacks last week. I was so scared. My heart just jumped. It
    felt like I was having a heart attack. I called an ambulance I thought I
    was dying.My heart was beating so fast.. The Doctor told me I have anxiety.
    Now I have panic attacks randomly . It feels so horrible the pain in my

  • forest401000 says:

    I know what you mean its very hard I deal with most of the same things ,the
    big question on my mind is what else can I do ? its very helpful to see
    stories like yours because I feel like the only one sometimes ,its hard to
    put on a strong face every day when your hurting in side , its nice talking
    to people that relate its very helpful so thx for your strong videos and
    hope u do better

  • Jolene Yezdanian says:

    Thank u for sharing, I’ve just been diagnosed n always knew but now my
    panic attacks are so much worse. God Bless u n all of us…

  • Jodi de Burcá says:

    Everyone I’ve ever met has ended up hating me, abandoning me, and giving up
    on me, I hate myself so bad 🙁

  • MsCocoZaza says:

    You have a great smile and a beautifull face! I feel so sorry for you, wish
    i could make things better. I know how it feels, stay strong!

  • Hailey Melissa says:

    I’m sorry about that, but stay strong! I’m sure it’ll get better, and thank

  • interurban2nowhere says:

    Good video. Yes, I agree that others who have never had anxiety and
    depression truly do not understand our experiences with it. And, there are
    a lot of people who are uncomfortable or afraid to be with others with a
    mental illness. I don’t see myself as ever being “cured”. Instead I’ve
    learned to cope with it and understand where my all too real feelings do
    come from so I don’t act on them. Please know there is purpose to your life
    by letting others with depression know they are not alone. Rob.

  • Jodi de Burcá says:

    I understand exacually what you’re going through 🙁 Im better off dead.

  • Tiny Timmy says:

    Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives <3 STAY STRONG
    because you are WONDERFUL X

  • Hailey Melissa says:

    Thank you! 🙂


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