Here I give my own personal opinion on the use of citalopram for treating my panic attacks and anxiety.
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22 Responses to My views on taking Citalopram for anxiety / panic attacks

  • BlueNoseSavage says:

    Man honestly, I’m still thinking about whether I should start on citalopram
    just yet, I just picked up a prescription for it, as I have general anxiety
    and mild depression. The root of my anxiety and depression are from me
    being insecure about the size of my junk lol. Man it can be horrible, I get
    made fun of every where I go it seems like. Especially at work, I feel
    everyone is constantly laughing at me because, making indirect jokes and
    such. Although I shouldn’t let it bother me as I have found my life partner
    who accepts me for who I am mentally and physically, which helps a lot.
    However I feel like that one guy at work everyone makes fun of on the low.
    And this pill won’t make my junk grow, but hopefully it wil help me accept
    myself, mainly accept the fact that my junk is what it is. Poor me haha.
    But this video did help out quite a bit. Thanksnfor the share, I hope you
    enjoyed my little story. (No pun intended)

  • Connie Long says:

    Awesome ty. I’m on 40 mg . helps me

  • Juliana Thaens says:

    Please look into adrenal fatigue. I wouldn’t want to stay on cipratolam
    long term; it’s not a long term fix. The longer you stay on it, the harder
    it is to get off it. To get off, you have to taper very slowly. You have to
    reduce by a small amount every ten days. There are natural ways to cure
    your anxiety. Herbs and supplements.

  • megafckinpixel says:

    I’m on day two with these, and I’m feeling like hell. My muscles have all
    of a sudden became weak, I’m suffering with this tremor and every time I
    yawn I feel the need to vomit. I think my dosage is a little too high for
    me but I’m only on 20mg. But I’ll try one more day and if it’s still the
    same I’ll just lower the dosage. 

  • joeyprimetime88 says:

    Great video dude! In the past I’ve been on Zoloft, paxil, and diazepam.
    Nothing, besides marijuana has been as effective as Citalopram/celexa for
    my GAD.

  • zabelicious says:

    If they’re so good why did you want to get off of them? These pills are
    slowly damaging your frontal lobe as the serotonin causes inflammation and
    calcification after a while, I would try to think of something else if I
    were you – unless you don’t care about brain damage. It is in fact a
    chemical lobotomy of a sort. Too bad it’s so difficult to get off of. There
    are dozens of natural options you could look into if you could weed out
    possible causes such as magnesium deficiency or thyroid disorder, etc..
    Good luck with that!

  • Dav lala says:

    HEY!! I’ve been taking Celexa 10mg for 1 week now.. will i feel side
    effects if I stopped? Thanks for a response

  • gsxwrx says:

    i dont understand why my doctor gave me this shit. i told him im not
    depressed. i just came in for a physical and yearly tb test for work and
    walked out with this shit. wtf? he thinks im depressed and i was feeling
    pretty good when i came in. It does feel chill though. I don’t know if
    hes trying to get me addicted to this shit. I’m gonna ask for medical
    marijuana next time i see his dumbass.

  • jayozzy666 says:

    I’m going through this at the moment, Iv been prescribed these tablets and
    also being sent to a psychiatrist. I’m finding it really hard to cope and
    as I also have depression I’m really struggling. Feels like there’s no way

  • Andy Hignett says:

    hi anne I cudnt go out the house for 2 month scared to answer the phone
    didn’t want to see anyone now out and about driving happy days

  • Frazer Mckillop says:

    I take 20 mgs twice daily
    Keep getting erections an i think I’m the prophet Mohammed
    Could be worse… Wooohooo

  • phil ainscough says:

    Like the video , Im on the same, for me its similar been the same way since
    I was 15 , every time I went into a room , I’d examine everyone ,
    everything , constantly watching everyone , assessing everyone for risk
    made me good at judging if a kick off or something was about to take place
    just by watching peoples body language etc lived like this for many years ,
    never had any friends , don’t like / trust people , hate it when my routine
    gets thrown or something new gets added . my life is like clock work . even
    my kids are the same , but then I started to struggle things were getting
    worse , struggled with being suspicious of every one and everything , very
    short with everyone , became a detective constantly watching for signs .
    pushed everyone to a point when they said I had a problem still carried on
    , then I started having no sleep at all , lay there thinking of events and
    replaying them seeing what I could of done better , then I would come up
    with imaginary scenarios and that carried on then it got to the point where
    the thoughts would speed up like a “enterprise in warp speed” faster and
    faster and faster to the point I would panic as I lost control and the room
    closed in on me , I’d get out of bed at all hours to breath . was diagnosed
    with paranoid anxiety and put on 10mg which didn’t do anything 20mg seems
    to stop the paranoia and anxiety , but I seem to have undergone personality
    changes I’m a lot more darker then I used to be nothing used to phase me
    anyhow the sort of person who finds funerals funny , but this is far worse
    now .

  • sukiesoya says:

    Nice video thank you I’ve been through this.

  • Sam M says:

    Yes side effect is gain some weight thats perfect im skinny

  • countys32 says:

    Seriously dude are you 10 years old or something, just say its harder to
    come when you are masturbating, how difficult was that to say?

  • sukiesoya says:

    I’m on Citalopram and Lamotrigine

  • rob d says:

    Brilliant video ..thanks 4 sharing..

  • m anderson says:

    Thank your for being frank, I don’t hear this enough, the chest pains,
    other issue’s, it helps me. Night time issue’s for sure, meds like other
    meds make you gain weight for sure.

  • luiso8815 says:

    I feel your pain I have bipolar disorder myself I can be on top of the
    world for 4 months and then for 2 or 3 months I’ll be crying and feeling
    sad! Not even going to work. I hate having panic attacks I have to carry
    water, baby wipes, and Vicks everywhere I go it’s my defense mechanism. I’m
    willing to try celexa because I’m tired of fighting it on my own, I’ve
    tried lexapro and had great results but stopped after about a month because
    of the hot flashes, low libido and headaches. Can you tell me if I should
    give celexa a try friend???

  • EnsiQuilibriSun says:

    perfect stuff, helped me so much

  • countys32 says:

    You don’t need Viagra as Citalopram doesn’t effect your ability to get an
    erection, it just effects your ability to come, which for a lot of guys is
    a good thing, if you suffer from premature ejaculation this drug will help
    you in a very good way.

  • Jyotika Verma says:

    Hi i keep getting horrible migrain and headaches bt citelopram helped me
    with panic attacks and depression i was on 10 mg now increased to 20 mg . I
    stil feeling head num on one side and sleeping discomfort its nearly 2
    months and 10 days now . Any opinion .


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