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21 Responses to Panic Attacks Documentary

  • 1964Loukas says:

    I like the grandmother “good for you…how did you do that?”…wonder if
    suppression/ possessiveness/over protectiveness has anything do with this
    disorder granny?

  • sadblag says:

    Great! My anxiety disorder may not be as bad as being unable to use the
    subway, but for you, which is definitely a hard thing to do, I send my
    respects out to you. Stay strong!

  • June A. Clark says:

    To cure panic attacks totally, you need to know what cause it, ways to cure
    it and also what worsen it.

  • AnnyLovesPink says:

    I started having panic attacks about 6 months ago. It got so bad that I had
    to quit my job, dropped out of college and I basically don’t leave the
    house anymore. I never thought I would have to deal with something like
    that but it’s an awful feeling. I start getting dizzy and my vision blacks
    out and I can’t breathe and it’s really scary 

  • Amelia Vilar says:

    The best way to control anxiety for good is to face it, don’t avoid it. As
    soon as you feel the fear observe it, detach yourself from it and watch it
    go by. If you fight it, it will persist and it will grow. Very effective
    technique if you apply it correctly. Got this through 7 minutes to

  • Kymberly O'Keefe says:

    people need to be more aware of mental health. OCD, Severe Anxiety,
    depression – they are all diseases of the brain. Just because you can’t
    physically see it doesn’t mean it’s not as crippling as any other disease. 

  • Shridhara Eddowes says:

    To stop panic attacks permanently, you must understand what cause it,
    solutions to avoid it as well as exactly what worsen it.

  • Oddescee says:

    Panic attacks are actually not deadly.. although in the grips of one it
    does feel like you’re dying. I’ve had severe attacks for 18years and have
    done exhausting research on the subject. 

  • xJustRightx says:

    He obviously wasn’t to severe. looks more like an anxiety issue.

  • Christin C. Cody says:

    Awesome Movies! Many thanks.

  • jerimiah smith says:

    great video brother

  • mari j.reinoso says:

    Guys, eliminate your panic attacks doesn’t need to be hard (I used to feel
    it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search a panic and anxiety
    treatment called Zomopanic Eraser (just google it). Seriously, that program
    has changed my entire life. I probably shouldn’t even be talking about it
    because I do not want a bunch of other guys out there running the same
    “game” but whatever, I’m in a good mood today so I will share the wealth

  • Elly Morris says:

    Sorry, don’t speak French. Obviously.

  • Elly Morris says:

    I’m too scared to go out of my room just encase I have a panic attack
    again.. and I feel that I will pass out and die or something silly like
    that. think run through my head of feeling useless, a let down, weak, and
    feeling like I’ll always be like this and waste my life away because I’m
    too scared to help myself. Just don’t know what to do half the time, so
    I’ll sit in my room, on my own.. and chat to my online friends. That’s it.
    It gets out of control sometimes.

  • Robins Radley says:

    Try holding your breathing for as long as you could. It doesn’t matter how
    powerful your brain can be, it can never override the will of your body.
    This is great news – no matter how hard you try to convince you that you
    are likely to die with a panic disorder, you won’t. The body will override
    that fright and search for the condition of balance. Have a look at here
    for additional information:

  • PEAC LOVE says:

    moi aussi ces les meau téte permanan et crise angoisse

  • Des Perreault says:

    You are not a wimp. Don’t worry, I had a panic attack during class and
    everyone in my class was looking at me and my teacher had to take me out of
    the class and calm down.

  • OGHippie Rs says:

    I have exreamly bad panic attack too, and i know what you are saying, it
    dosent sound stupid at all, its nice to know theres people out there like
    me tho.. hope the best for you friend.

  • kaidanariko says:

    I totally know this feeling. I suffer too, but I REFUSE to call it
    “suffering with” because that means the panic won. I’ve had people tell me
    “Why would you live like this” had people say “If I were you I’d have
    killed myself by now”, and “How do you continue?”…my own mother said
    “Sometimes I wish you weren’t born so I didn’t have to see you like
    this.”…It’s heartbreaking but I trudge through. I know you can too!

  • brandybuck1984 says:

    Thank you for posting this video! I’ve suffered with episodes of severe
    panic disorder/ agoraphobia/OCD and related conditions myself. This video
    goes a long way to show the courage of many people overcoming these
    problems and that they can be overcome.

  • TheMamadeira says:

    I know what it’s like… Best of luck to you my friend!


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