So this vlog has so many topics in it. Ignore the red spot on my face.. ha.. i picked at it right before recording lol. oops. Here’s my friend’s Channel who …

18 Responses to Relationships & Anxiety, Daddy Issues, Therapy Trick for Panic Attacks & Other Updates

  • Emily's Interests says:

    thank you all for the questions ahead of time! I will try to get that Q&A
    video out sometime in the next couple weeks :)

  • highoffkai says:

    Great video! And thank you pretty girl! 🙂 

  • BRIJACK1 says:

    Hello Emily, I wish I could wave my magic wand and make all of your
    troubles, concerns, and anxiety go away, but low and behold I am not a
    magician and I cannot do that for you. What I can do is tell you that you
    will one day scratch your way out of the cocoon you find yourself in to
    blossom into a wonderful and insightful woman. You will look back on these
    vlogs and be shaking your head at what you see, if you can look at them at
    all, and wonder how you could have ever been so insecure, naïve, and shy.
    What you are doing right now is called growing up and everyone has to do
    it. Most people mask their insecurities better than others but we all have
    them no matter what the bully down the street says. You’re helping people
    right now by showing them that they are not alone and there is always
    strength in numbers. I wish you the best in your search for your center of
    gravity and your voice. Take care and keep up the good work and lip
    popping! :)

  • snowflake891000 says:

    Your hair looks REALLY good. It looks like a cut that a “trained
    professional” would have done! good job :)

  • supercurioTube says:

    Hi Emily I’m not watching Vlogs much but I really liked this video and a
    few more of yours watched before.
    You’re doing awesome sharing all this, this is interesting to listen to
    your explanations of what’s happening in your mind and your progress on
    I care about a few friends for whom anxiety can get in the way and it gives
    perspective to listen to your descriptions and solutions.
    Also what you say about relationships could be taken for granted but it’s
    always a good thing to get a reminder. 

  • Geo Jourdè says:

    Hey Em! Gah, we are so alike. I have a lot of the same ‘troubles’ with
    relationships, self-esteem, attachment styles, etc as you. I understand
    where you are coming from. I actually shed a little tear because it’s
    amazing that you can speak out about this and help people like me to not
    feel as alone with these problems we deal with. I found your words really
    helpful today. I don’t visit a therapist as it’s a bit more expensive (like
    $100-160 per hour) here in New Zealand, so YouTube videos and books are
    always a great way for me to get my head around things that might be
    getting at me.

    Staunchly Stylish is the only Mac lip pencil I own and I agree, it is

    I’m looking forward to your next update, hope all is well with you right


  • Monique Hugar says:

    I recently found your videos and subscribed. I’m glad that there are more
    (introverted) people out there in the world like me, lol. I used to be a
    lot worse than I am right now, but I have been working on becoming more
    outgoing since about the time I was in middle school. Mostly, I forced
    myself to do things but I haven’t sought out therapy yet. Thanks for
    posting videos about your experiences on being an introvert and other
    similar things. :-)

  • Amanda L says:

    +Emilysinterests Emily, love this video! I am so happy to see your growth
    throughout all your videos. I cannot tell you how awesome it is that
    you’re so young and have learned so much about yourself through counseling.
    I first started seeing a counselor when I was 24, and my counselor always
    told me how good it was for me to start counseling at such a young age
    because it just gives you so much knowledge that will carry on throughout
    your life and make you a happier person. It’s very true, I see it in
    myself, and I also see it in you. To be only 21 with that much
    self-awareness and knowledge about relationships, etc. really is something
    to value and cherish. You will definitely go so far in life with all your
    knowledge. Have a great week! xo :)

  • Mad I says:

    hi my question for you is how do you stay in shape and could u do a video
    on that topic and tell us what you eat.

  • Chuck Norris says:

    Q&A? I’ve got one or two. Have you like totally fixed psoriasis visually? I
    know you said in your latest video when you went to that art school that
    they hurt your scalp so it must still be sensitive to the touch but you
    have great hair health it looks like! Have you always been super pretty or
    did you grow into it over time kinda thing and that’s why you always seem
    nervous? Also stop being anxious. Love your videos 😀 

  • Winston Smith says:

    I find society tend to assume just because a woman is attractive that they
    are well adjusted and have no issues. I applaud you for being so open
    about your fears and insecurities.

  • 123Jenny90 says:

    I think you are an amazing person Emily! x

  • f50koenigg says:

    Emily, how do you manage your time in your life and college? How do you
    study and not get overwhelmed? I wanna to learn from you :)

  • Nicole Deitz says:

    I have been with my bf for over a year and he graduated from college and I
    am still in college but we r long distance. I have SA and depression so I
    know it effects things …I think u r absolutely right about not depending
    on others to make u happy ..I know I was guilty of this with past friends
    and even my bf now I would depend on him sometimes to make me happier In
    situations and lot of times he couldn’t because he just is bad at
    communicating through texting etc. so I’m working on myself more. But long
    distance is hard , I though I would do ok because I’m independent and all
    but it’s increasingly getting more difficult.

    So do u have any tips on long distance relationships, I don’t know whether
    u talked about it with your therapist or not but I’m just wondering if he
    gave u any advice on that. And how to communicate better with a long
    distance bf?
    But I wish u all the luck with studying abroad it is great opportunity. I
    really wish I had done it but I don’t think I would have time it being
    close to senior year I will be studying for entrance grad school exams:/
    I watched your videos since I first started out and you have really came a
    long way , I really do admire the way you chose to fight your anxiety and
    shyness by doing things that are uncomfortable but will help make healthier
    and help u grow. Because u can’t complain and want change in your life if u
    stay where u feel its safe.
    I see myself now starting to become more depressed over things and have
    been isolating myself from people which isn’t good, but when I watch your
    videos they do give me motivation to try to change and be healthy 🙂 I know
    I don’t want to become this person who hates everyone and life …i really
    want to be happy and change

  • Chong says:

    Question: If you could visit your younger self, what single advice would
    you give herself?if any?

  • meow0meow7 says:

    My question for you is what do you say when people ask What did you do on
    *__*? Like on a big party night like new years or during a school break? Or
    when halloween is on a friday? 

  • NightSkyWolf17 says:

    Hi Emily. I`ve been watching your videos for some time and I really enjoy
    I`ve never left a comment so here`s the first one,
    It seems that you have some social anxiety. I too sufer from it and there
    are days that you really feel hopeless.
    The best treatment I`ve found so far is meditation. To relax the mind and
    let all the anxiety go away. In a sense you can
    never stop the thoughts of insecurity and fear but you surely can learn how
    to manage them. So I think you should try it some time.
    You seem like a very genuine person , there`s no reason to be anxious. 

  • Divine メアリー says:

    You are seriously amazing!! I didn’t think I had anxiety at all, but we
    both have a lot in common as I can tell from watching your videos. I can
    relate to some of the relationship advice you mentioned here, and a few
    other things from various videos. I am so glad I found your videos because
    you have a lot of wisdom to offer everyone! Thank you.


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