Social Anxiety & Panic Attacks

The meet & greet was awesome but once again, I was faced with my own personal battles that got in the way of making the best out of it.
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  • TechAutoWR912 says:

    I was diagnosed by a professional help with the same thing. I”ve lost
    friends because of it due to unable to really social to people even though
    I’ve done one on one with them, they all knew how i was etc but I just
    couldn’t social in a group, even in a small group of 5 or more people. I
    can’t even hug people without feeling like what i’m hugging them wrong etc.
    I am on medication and getting help but I’m 27, and I wish I can work one
    day and be my own person, have my own place and live my life but it seems
    so far fetch right now. I do things by myself. I wanted to do youtube
    videos like you but I can’t find myself exposing like that so props to you

    I go into what happens to me in events like you, it’s really hard for
    people with social anxiety/panic attacks to tell our stories to people or
    what happened to us. We have a hard time finding the words without even
    feeling shaky or nervous. So your video, you being here and find your video
    here, helps me. Thank you :)

  • Gert Rummo says:

    Good luck with your fight against this disease! This disease has ruined
    almost my life. I hope you’re doing better in the future.

  • FinnerFin says:

    I’m pretty sure I have social anxiety but I feel for those who have it way

  • Dan Jackson says:

    try to pause now and then…..your video was exhausting to listen to.

  • 17KenyaLove says:

    oh girl i totally get you…. this is hard to overcome but you will… i
    think everyone has a type of problem of this kind. for me its my past with
    being bigger and not being confident its hard because we went through so
    much that when you are as beautiful as you are all eyes are on you! but
    feel proud and its good that you say it out that way you can feel
    reliefed!! love you girl!! the people that know you, know that you are a
    sweet person and thats all that matters 😉 xoxoxo Carmen

  • the super bad kidz Jerkin says:

    You still Have It ?

  • skymoon1982 says:

    I appreciate your expert advice considering your working profession. Thank
    you!! I hope your recovering well

  • thenewme20111 says:

    Oh Melanie, thx for sharing. I suffer social anxiety sometimes too & get so
    flighty. The need to run & hide is overwhelming! I so relate, it’s good in
    small groups, but the anxiety builds as the group gets bigger! Cognitive
    therapy helps, there is help out there 🙂 I remember my 1st experience
    sitting at a round table out to a work lunch & it was if some things were
    in slow motion but my insides were on fast forward. It’s terrible 🙁 your
    honesty is refreshing, you are not alone. Stay kind, swe

  • Meggie Price says:

    (((((((((((Mel)))))))))))Sweet Melanie, I need you to know this was not at
    all apparent to others! You were lovely to me and we hugged several times.
    I wish I had known because I had my own times of feeling like I didn’t
    belong and that nobody wanted to be with me and I hate thinking you were in
    that much pain! Be kinder to yourself- you are a magnificent Goddess!

  • MsChandra1980 says:

    Do you think these atttacks happen in these social settings because they
    know more about you than you know about them….Being that they watch your
    YouTube videos? You feel like all eyes are on you and you are being judged?

  • susiemouse says:

    I too was thinking of not going again, because I felt like I was a social
    failure and can’t get over it. Bad attitude though, I know. I have to keep
    working on it.

  • Lavada Selg says:

    A year ago i was experiencing anxiety attacks that often ended in passing
    out, mostly in public, and even during a date once. It was embarrassing and
    very dangerous. So i took medication but eventually the effects wore off.
    Googling 1 day I discovered a brief video and decided i’d try it out. the
    method worked straight away! Because I am no longer scared and understand
    i’m able to control any attack, the attacks ceased. watch the short video
    at makeanxietygoaway . com and take your life back

  • peacheslovesjesus says:

    I know that you have heard this before but anxiety is a demonic spirit. GOD
    didn’t mean for you to live like this. GOD is great and HE will deliver
    you, but you have to ask HIM sincerely for help. These are all demonic
    attacks. GOD made you likeable so you can be useful for HIS kingdom. This
    is alllll demonic. Prayer to GOD in JESUS name, believing it in faith will
    deliver you. Wherever you live, google ‘Deliverance ministry’ and go to a

  • Genny Zammit says:

    I suffered from anxiety for years,I understand the strange body feelings.
    you feel like every one is noticing that your being strange! you want to
    RUN. give people a little credit,those who are worth knowing will
    understand now that you have explained why you weren’t yourself at the meet
    and greet.please DON’T stop making videos!!!! you inspire me and so many
    others! you are a total SWEETIE in your videos and I really enjoy them!
    take good care of yourself>)

  • True620 says:

    You’re not alone. Many will understand your struggle so you don’t have to
    have the fear that they won’t. I will say you are a brave soul for coming
    on here and admitting the depth of your struggle. Big hugs, Susan


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