for more videos like this. In this video you’ll learn about Panic Attacks and whether they are hereditary or not…
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ASMR☆- I know how scary and almost painful panic attacks are, and sometimes it feels as if they will never end. Listen to this soft spoken relaxaton inducin…
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20 Responses to Stop your Panic Attacks Today and the story of Bob the Spider

  • mrdesertfox15 says:

    what if you have arachnaphobia ???

  • Baboo405 says:

    This was my first ASMR video I’ve ever watched. 

  • Delphine Sisto says:

    Anyone know what is Zomopanic Eraser about? I hear many individuals kick
    away their anxiety problem forever.

  • Leja Siv Harju says:

    Oh and if you haven’t read it yet, check out the “Borderline Personality
    Disorder Survival Guide” book. I forget the authors’ names at the moment,
    but it’s a very compassionate and helpful resource for borderliners that I
    enjoy referring to when I feel particularly crappy :)

  • Leja Siv Harju says:

    I have been having problems with anxiety since I was about 8 and my parents
    split up, have always battled insomnia (literally since I was a baby; I
    have pretty rampant ADHD and have been really hyper/wired my entire life)
    and unfortunately, have problems with periodic substance abuse. Your videos
    don’t always help knock me out – not even sleep meds do most of the time,
    it reeeally sucks – but I love your videos because of the gorgeous visuals
    you use, you have the most soothing voice out of all the lady ASMaRtists
    I’ve checked out, you’re really cool and interesting, and like you I have
    BPD so it’s soothing to know you can probably relate to all of the crap
    that happens in MY head/body! I watch your BPD-centered channel too, and
    wish you peace and the best of luck. Don’t know where you stand on this
    yourself exactly, but the only real stable peace I have found in every day
    life came after I “found” God. Anything that transcends the flesh in a
    positive way tends to be extremely therapeutic. Sorry for the long ass
    comment 😡 <3

  • letmehealyou says:

    I was having an anxiety attack that lasted hours and I hadn’t slept in a
    couple days and ended up with a nosebleed as a result of it all but this
    helped me really calm down and finally fall asleep. I really appreciate
    this so much thank you. 

  • Meredith Young says:

    Words cannot describe how thankful I am for this video.

  • Peter Swe Gbg says:

    Thank you. This was absolutely wonderful. I wish I could have listened to
    this last sunday. My first panic attac in years came over me. Since then I
    have felt the “rest anxitety” and afterchocks, but listening to this
    assured me there’s nothing to worry about. I felt you read my mind, my fear
    was not breathing enough. Now I’m grateful and and pleased that releif came
    from someone with own experiences. Hugs/Peter

  • ravenscroft13 says:

    Great video! You’ve taken me thru several attacks already since you started
    and I am super grateful.

  • rammingthrough says:

    how do you cope with those attact?

  • jadekudzu33 says:

    Panic attacks are one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced. Wish I
    would have known what they were in the beginning and that I wasn’t going
    crazy or about to die. Thank you for helping others and spreading the word
    that you can conquer them.

  • tommyvpr says:

    You rule! This is the 2nd time you’ve saved me! lol! Thanks!

  • KuroKami94 says:

    This pucture is from Heroes of Might&Magick III if i not mistake.

  • Melanie Raye says:

    this is so helpful, thank you so much.

  • mblehar says:

    I’m not having a panic attack, but this has relaxed me to the point where I
    don’t think I’ll ever have to fear one. I’m just going to store up the
    relaxation for later use. Can I get a doggy bag?

  • tcbyer33 says:

    hold the phone, this is innerhealthstudio’s panic attack relaxation script
    isn’t it? Its a great script. She is great. You have a great voice too tho.
    So thanks 🙂 <3 Ronit (pronounced Row-neet)

  • sunmaidliz says:

    I shoulda listened to this the other night. Better than xanax

  • Surrender2No1 says:

    OMG thank you sooo much for this!!!!

  • LAXtremest says:

    The worst part about them is they seem to come out of nowhere. Great video.
    I used to get them big time. Not so much anymore.

  • KuroKami94 says:

    Damn russians.


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