www.BeFreeBeHappy.co.uk (sessions in person, skype or telephone) Diane had Panic attacks for about 15 years. After a few sessions with her using VRT she has now has no panic to traveling,…
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Anxiety & Globus Recovery Made Simple – http://www.anxiety-and-panic.com USA http://www.panic-anxiety.com/articles/globus-hystericus/ UK http://www.thelindenmethod.co.uk/symptoms/ What is…
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12 Responses to Testimonial – Panic attacks, fear of travelling (Hodophobia) gone by using VRT

  • MELON V says:

    i have this exact feeling but i have never been told about me having

  • matthewjohnroche19 says:

    I did these exercises for about 2 minutes before I slept and the next
    morning my throat was completely back to normal again! Very good advice,
    would recommend to all.

  • OKOH2O1 says:

    Thanks so much Charles.

  • Аидеед мохамед says:

    Life saver

  • paris hilton wood says:


  • RoomOfMusic says:

    thats what that was !!! thank you!

  • yvettenessyvette says:

    I almost cried watching this, Im constantly feeling this sensation. I know
    its anxiety but Istill think Im going to choke I need to keep telling
    myself its not dangerous do the exercises…thank you so much

  • fidgetingfinch says:

    I discovered that tilting my head back and stretching the neck muscles
    helps when I went to the dentist. I didn’t feel a lump in my throat for
    half an hour! Best half our of my week by far.

  • DHammerr says:

    wow .. neck stretching .. muscles i never knew i had if you know what i mean

  • ZupahModz / Road To 2K Subs! / CoD & GTA 5 says:

    my sensation went away watching this..omg thank you!

  • JoeIbanez says:

    i have been dealing with this for over 8 months now. I don’t know exactly
    why it was caused, but I think it’s due to stress/anxiety. This sensation
    makes (it’s like tension and pain all day long) you feel tired and even
    more tensed. it’s like a spiral because you can’t really work on recovery
    of your initial problem when this problem still occurs. I also went to
    several doctors. One said I had a problem with my sinus and chronic cold,
    (breathing trough mouth would cause this problem they said)

  • CharlesLinden says:

    Folks, Globus, like all anxiety disorder symptoms can be cured, so so
    simply! Just give us the opportunity to cure you! Charles


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