Here’s my list of places, people, events etc that brought on extreme levels of anxiety that eventually led me to a full on panic at…

3 Responses to Top 10 Things That Caused Me Panic Attacks | The Anxiety Guy

  • Dennis Simsek says:

    Very true, if ‘normal’ folks spent a day in the shoes of a sever anxiety
    victim, I think they might respect what they go through.

  • sarah evanston says:

    Isn’t it amazing what triggers a panic attack. Sometimes it’s the simplest
    thing to others, but to us it’s a very big deal and something that we often
    have no control over!

  • Dennis Simsek says:

    Juan Carlos I also used to deal with extreme generalized anxiety and
    constant over worrying. The random panic attacks would also come from no
    where cause of my subconscious picking up a threat I consciously wasn’t
    aware of and boom, I was struck by uncontrollable physical sensations.


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